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The University of Arkansas is what is called “a very high research university,” a formal classification that places us in the top 2% of the nation’s 4,600 universities and colleges. This means that you will have access to world-class faculty, who will be able to write you helpful letters of recommendation and support your progress every step of the way. Even as a freshman as you are working to write your first paper or sign up for your classes, you will have a community of people to help you reach your goals. We want your life on this campus to include many one-on-one relationships and a host of once-in-lifetime experiences.

College Portrait

The University of Arkansas, the state’s flagship university, resides on 345 picturesque acres overlooking the Ozark Mountains. For nearly 150 years, it has been at the center of higher education in the state of Arkansas, and recently has moved to the center of higher education in the nation. Never before in the university’s history have its students and faculty been more academically accomplished, its facilities more sophisticated, or its research efforts more inclusive. All indicators of academic success are at record highs and climbing. The university’s 24,500 students come from every county in Arkansas and some 100 nations, and they have nearly 200 academic programs in which to study. Through the integration of teaching, research and service that puts students first, the University of Arkansas is taking its place among the nation’s great comprehensive academies.