Senior Citizens

It is never too late to join the Razorback family! Senior citizens are welcome on the University of Arkansas campus. They’re so welcome, in fact, they may attend classes and earn degrees tuition free! Arkansas residents who are 60 years of age or older are encouraged to enroll in credit courses, tuition free, on a space-available basis. College courses engage older learners in challenging and intellectually stimulating programs, and Senior Razorbacks lend wisdom and experience to traditional students in an academic environment. Visit or call the Office of Admissions today for more details about becoming a Senior Razorback!


  • An Arkansas resident;
  • At least 60 years of age;
  • A high school graduate or GED recipient;
  • Be admitted to the University of Arkansas.

Four easy steps to becoming a Senior Razorback

  1. Apply for Admission to the University of Arkansas: (Select undergraduate or graduate programs as desired.)
  2. Complete the Senior Citizen Tuition & Fee Waiver Form. Undergraduate applicants should return the form to the Office of Admissions per the instructions on the form. Applicants to graduate level programs should submit this form to the Graduate School at or to Graduate Admissions, 213 Ozark Hall, 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701.
  3. Submit transcripts if necessary (once you have been evaluated you will receive admission notification in the mail).
  4. Register for class/classes during the senior citizen registration period.

Be sure to read the Senior Citizen Program Checklist for more information!

Arkansas residents 60 years of age or older may apply either as an undergraduate or graduate student for on-campus and online credit courses by paying all non-tuition applicable fees. Tuition waiver does not apply to non-credit Continuing Education programs or independent study courses. Senior students that meet admission requirements may be admitted as degree or non-degree seeking . The College of Arts and Sciences allows senior citizens to audit classes. All other colleges require instructor’s permission for audit prior to taking a class. Senior citizens who do not wish to register on a space available basis during the senior citizen registration period may pay tuition and register during priority registration. The tuition waiver does not cover text books, class supplies, or non-tuition applicable fees.