2016 SAT Redesign Policy

The College Board began offering a redesigned SAT in March 2016. Applicants to the University of Arkansas for any 2016 term may submit pre-March 2016 SAT scores or scores from the redesigned SAT for admission and scholarship purposes. Because of key differences between the two exam formats, we will not calculate a superscore between the new and old SAT versions.

Applicants for 2017 or beyond should take the redesigned test but can also submit scores from the pre-March 2016 version.

Detailed information about the redesigned exam is available on the College Board's website. Please also see the frequently asked questions below.


How is the new SAT different?
The redesigned SAT has two 800-point sections instead of three. Math is still math, but components of the critical reading section and writing section will now be used to create the evidence-based reading and writing score. Also, the essay portion is now optional and does not factor in the evidence-based reading and writing section.
Has superscoring changed?
SAT superscoring refers to combining a student's best critical reading score from one sitting of the SAT with her or his best math score from another. Superscores do not include the writing section.

The University of Arkansas superscores for admission and scholarship purposes, but superscores are not considered as a part of the Honors College fellowship application. We will continue to superscore among pre-March exams, and will also superscore among new SAT (March 2016 and after) scores as more exams are offered. We cannot superscore between new and old versions of the SAT because of key differences between the two exam formats.
What about the essay?
Please see the College Board's website for additional information about the essay component of the redesigned SAT. The redesigned essay is scored on a scale of 2-8 points and is not a factor in the 1600 point scale used to measure combined math and evidence-based reading and writing scores. The essay is optional, and the University of Arkansas does not require it as part of the application for admission.
How does the redesigned SAT affect scholarships?
SAT scores will still be considered as part of the scholarship application. However, scores from the two SAT versions will not be superscored. Additionally, superscores are not considered as part of the Honors College fellowship application.
What sources should I use to keep up to date on information about the redesigned test?
Admissions Counselors at the University of Arkansas are available to answer any questions you may have about the redesigned SAT. You can also speak to an admissions counselor by calling (800) 377-UofA.

We also recommend that you continue to check the College Board's website for any updates related to the redesigned SAT.

Standardized Test Score Concordance

New SAT Old SAT Composite ACT
1600 1580 36
1560-1590 1530-1570 35
1520-1550 1500-1520 34
1490-1510 1450-1490 33
1450-1480 1400-1440 32
1420-1440 1360-1390 31
1390-1410 1320-1350 30
1350-1380 1280-1310 29
1310-1340 1240-1270 28
1280-1300 1200-1230 27
1240-1270 1170-1190 26
1200-1230 1130-1160 25
1160-1190 1090-1120 24
1130-1150 1050-1080 23
1100-1120 1010-1040 22
1060-1090 970-1000 21
1020-1050 930-960 20
980-1010 890-920 19
940-970 850-880 18
900-930 810-840 17
860-890 760-800 16
810-850 710-750 15