Economics - Macro and Micro

Course Description

The AP Economics workshop will cover both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Teachers will be shown how to incorporate games and simulations into their lessons, correctly grade FRQ's, and increase student achievement on the AP Exam. Teachers will also be given lessons and PowerPoints that will help them make their economics classroom an exciting place for students to learn.

Particpants should bring:

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop or other web-enabled device.

Matt Pedlow, Consultant

Matt Pedlow teaches AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, MI. In 2018 Matt won the John Morton Excellence in Economic Education Award, the MI High School Economics Educator of the Year award, and his Personal Finance Challenge team won the National Championship. Matt has also coached numerous teams to state championships in both the Personal Finance Challenge and the Economics Challenge. In addition, Matt was the AP Microeconomics Daily Lecturer in the spring of 2020, has created the AP Review videos in both 2021 and 2022, and he has also created AP Daily videos for AP Classroom. Matt has been a reader and a table leader for the College Board.