English Literature and Composition (Experienced Teachers)

Course Description

During the APSI sessions, we will explore the course framework, the exam, and new AP resources that will help teachers plan and focus instruction and give feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional support. We will review the AP English and Composition Course and Exam Description and explore AP Classroom, a tool that helps to assure equity for all AP students in preparing for the AP Exam. Our focus will include poetry and prose analysis, close reading of complex texts, critical writing, and unit planning with special attention to the following:

  • Review and discuss equitable access as College Board’s guiding principle
  • Develop instructional approaches that align with the goals of AP
  • Identify the tasks and materials for which students might need more preparation
  • Review and develop syllabi that meet curricular requirements for the course
  • Plan curriculum units that address cultural awareness
  • Collaborate in groups on assigned AP topics and course strategies
  • Examine and score student released essays using the 2022-23 rubric
  • Identify and practice AP strategies that will best address essay and multiple choice responses

By attending this workshop, participants will gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways: understand the course; plan the course; teach the course; assess student progress; address cultural awareness; and examine opportunities for AP teachers and students. In addition, specific attention will be paid to the following AP classroom resources: unit guides, personal progress checks, the AP question bank, and online College Board resources.

Participant Needs:

  • Laptop with USB ports (no tablets or school chrome books)
  • Writing materials and notebook
  • Key Anchor texts for planning (These include only those teachers plan on using for the 2023-24 year)

Judith Nevil, Consultant

Judith Nevil has taught English at both the high school and college levels for thirty-eight years. She has twenty-three years of experience teaching AP English Literature and AP English Language. She has been an AP reader for fourteen years and a Texas AP Advocate for ten years. Currently, she teaches as an adjunct English professor at area community colleges and tutors high school students in preparation for taking the AP Literature Exam. Previously, she taught English at Irving High School and North Lake Community College and served as AP Chair at Irving High School in Irving, Texas, where she taught for twenty-six years. This is her ninth year as an APSI consultant and her seventeenth year as a district AP consultant and mentor. Irving High School faculty honored her twice as campus teacher of the year, and in 2011, the Irving Independent School District honored her as secondary teacher of the year. In 2017, she received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. Judith holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Gifted and Talented state certification and endorsement from the University of North Texas.