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Admission Process

Students will need to follow these steps to complete admission to the University of Arkansas

  1. APPLY

    Students interested in applying to the University of Arkansas for the fall semester are urged to apply before the early admission deadline of November 1. By applying early, students can take advantage of priority scholarship, housing, and orientation privileges. However, applications for the fall semester will be accepted until August 1.


    Students are required to comply with state immunization requirements, and enrollment cannot be completed without proof of immunization. Students may submit their immunization records though the Pat Walker Health Center Patient Portal. Students must include their Uark ID number with submission.


    Students can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using The University of Arkansas code: 001108. 
    Approximately 48 hours after a student submits their application for admission, they will be able to access their personalized scholarship/fellowship application by logging into their New Student Center.

  4. Fee Waivers

    Application fee waivers are accepted in cases of financial hardship. In order to waive an application fee, you will need to provide our office with evidence that the student is on a free or reduced lunch program. We will also accept evidence of eligibility for state or federal aid like SNAP benefits, Medicaid or Pell Grants, or fee waivers from programs such as Upward Bound, which will send a letter for the student. We are aware that there are other educational and governmental programs that provide assistance that are not listed here. If your student can provide proof of recent financial need, you can email us at to see if it can be applied as a fee waiver.


    Help us ensure your students' application materials are received and reviewed as quickly as possible by submitting transcripts and test scores electronically. The Office of Admissions accepts transcripts through a variety of services, including Triand, Parchment, eScript, and Clearinghouse. You can also send transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions by using the email

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance (COA) minus (-) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) equals (=) Financial Need

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Resident Students
Status Hours Tuition Fees Tuition/Fee Subtotal Books Room Board Personal Transportation Total
Undergrad Dependent dorm/off 30 $7,666 $2,082 $9,748 $1,154 $8,366 $4,924 $3,176 $2,640 $30,008
Undergrad Dependent w/parent 30 $7,666 $2,082 $9,748 $1,154 $4,183 $2,462 $3,176 $2,640 $23,363
Undergrad Independent 30 $7,666 $2,082 $9,748 $1,154 $8,366 $4,924 $3,176 $2,640 $30,008
Estimated Cost of Attendance for Non-Resident Students
Status Hours Tuition Fees Tuition/Fee Subtotal Books Room Board Personal Transportation Total
Undergrad Dependent dorm/off 30 $26,690 $2,082 $28,772 $1,154 $8,366 $4,924 $3,176 $2,640 $49,032
Undergrad Dependent w/parent 30 $26,690 $2,082 $28,772 $1,154 $4,183 $2,462 $3,176 $2,640 $42,387
Undergrad Independent 30 $26,690 $2,082 $28,772 $1,154 $8,366 $4,924 $3,176 $2,640 $49,032

Scholarship Information

The University of Arkansas awards academic merit-based scholarships and serve as a central resource for prospective and current undergraduate students seeking scholarship funding.

Connect with Us

Office of Financial Aid

114 Silas Hunt Hall
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: 479-575-3806

Treasurer’s Office

640 N. Garland Ave
Suite 108
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: 479-575-5651

Academic Scholarship Office

114 Silas H. Hunt Hall
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Phone: 479-575-4464

Academic Resources

  1. Student Success at the CORD

    Outreach, programs, and resources to overcome barriers from your first day to graduation.

  2. Student Support Services

    First-generation, income-eligible, and disabled students get an edge by taking advantage of services that help ensure retention and graduation.

  3. Center for Educational Access

    Students with disabilities can learn more about the university’s commitment to accessible education.

  4. Math Resource & Tutoring Center

    Provides tutors, computers and a quiet place to study for all university math students.

  5. Testing Services

    Provides testing, scoring and assessment services for major nationally recognized tests such as the ACT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT.

Find your Admissions Counselor

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