The University of Arkansas Razorbug

The Razorbug promotes education and goodwill nationwide. Appearing at numerous events throughout the year, including elementary and high school visits, alumni events, various community festivals, and is present at Razorback football games. Keep your eyes open for this exciting member of the University of Arkansas team.

About the Razorbug

What is the Razorbug?

The Razorbug is a conversion car that started as a Volkswagen Beetle. A snout, tail, and razor-edged spine were attached to the original body of the car, then it was painted its signature red color. Now its the University's mobile mascot!

What is its Purpose?

As one of the Universities most visible symbols, the Razorbug's purpose is to serve the community of Arkansas. Not only is it a way to recruit new students, its a way to bring communities together for events that promote higher education. The razorbug not only assists in delivering diplomas to the students of our online campus, it brings opportunity to students of all ages.

Is it fun to Drive?

Yes! It's like driving with a local celebrity. People honk and wave when they see the Razorbug driving by, and everyone loves to have their picture taken with it.

If you see the Razorbug out and about, be sure to say hello! You can also use #razorbug on your Instagram posts of pictures you take with the Razorbug.

Share your Razorbug photos using #razorbug!


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