Life-Changing Opportunities Ahead

It starts with a belief that anything is possible. This is a destination for those seeking a community where growth is nurtured. Where the future is what we make it.

What’s the Value of an Education?

To some people, value is how much they can earn. Others see the value in the opportunity an education affords.


The average salary for a University of Arkansas graduate with a Bachelors Degree.

$105.9 million

In FY22, more than $105.9 million in need-based and non-need-based scholarships and grants were awarded to undergraduate students.


of students from Arkansas who applied for scholarships last year received an award.

Find a Home on the Hill

It’s a feeling we get that no matter where we’re from, or where we go, we feel connected, not just to this place but to each other.

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U of A Traditions

We’re proud of our many traditions at the University of Arkansas.
Here are just a few that have shaped our distinct identity and have united generations of students.

The Hog Call is one of the most recognizable chants in all of sports. Here are the basics:

Raise your arms above your head during the The Hog Call, yell “Wooo” and wiggle your fingers for a few seconds.

Next, bring both arms straight down with fists clinched while yelling, “Pig.”

Then extend your right arm with the “Sooie.”

Repeat these steps two more times and finish by yelling

“Razor-Backs” like this:
Wooooooooo. Pig. Sooie!
Wooooooooo. Pig. Sooie!
Wooooooooo. Pig. Sooie! Razorbacks!

Listen for yourself:

The live mascot that represents the Razorbacks today is no barnyard pig. Tusk V, the hairy hog that attends all Razorback home football games, is a Russian boar, which closely resembles the wild hogs known as razorbacks native to the Arkansas wilderness. These razorbacks are tough and at times ill-tempered — animals whose fearlessness and doggedness were the inspiration for the Razorback nickname.

The tradition of having a live Razorback mascot has been a fan favorite since the university’s first hooved beast made its debut in the 1960s.

Old Main, the oldest building on campus, is both the figurative and literal heart of the university. The carillon plays the U of A alma mater after the 5:00 p.m. chimes.

The U of A boasts one of the most unique traditions found on any campus: Senior Walk, consisting of miles of campus sidewalks engraved with the names of more than 200,000 University of Arkansas graduates, dating back to the first graduating class in 1876. It's the university's longest tradition, at least in terms of mileage. Senior Walk is concrete proof of the university's commitment to students.

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