TAP Frequently Asked Questions

I've been admitted to the TAP program. What are my next steps?

Activate your U of A account and email address. You will need your university ID number to activate your account. Activating your student account will give you access to our student information system, UAConnect.

Sign your TAP Student Agreement. This form details the terms and conditions of the TAP program. To submit this form, log in to your New Student Center.

Register for New Student Orientation. At New Student Orientation you will meet with your advisor, sign up for classes and learn more about being a student at the U of A.

Apply to NWACC. Completing your TAP agreement allows us to share your high school information with NWACC, however you must still submit an application in their system.

Are Scholarships available?

While you are participating in the TAP program, NWACC Academic Scholarships may be available for students taking 12 or more hours on their campus. Once TAP requirements are complete, student transitioning out of the program may apply for U of A Transfer Scholarships.

Which school should I go through for financial aid?

During the TAP participation period, you will take the majority of your classes at NWACC, and financial aid will be processed by its office. Hours taken at the U of A during this time, will still count towards aid considerations and eligibility. Be sure to list the NWACC School Code (030633) on your FAFSA.

Once you transition out of TAP, you will take the majority of your classes at the U of A and financial aid will be processed by our office. Until you obtain 48 total credit hours, any courses taken at NWACC during this time will still count towards aid considerations and eligibility.

Does my concurrent work or AP count to satisfy the program's requirements?

No. Credit earned from AP exams and dual credit courses do not count towards the hours needed to complete the TAP requirements. However, they can count toward your degree. You'll need to send official college transcripts to both the U of A and NWACC for credit to be applied.

Can I take online courses as part of the program?

It is possible, but it is not recommended. Online coursework should be considered a last option, and in consultation with your academic advisor where the student's previous experience with online coursework will be considered.

If I accept my Transitions Academic Program offer and I later receive a higher GPA and/or test scores, can I be reconsidered for full admission to the University of Arkansas?

Yes. We will reconsider your admission status if additional information, such as a higher test score or improved GPA is available by July 15th. Please notify the TAP Coordinator if new information is available and you wish to be reconsidered.

Can I play NCAA sports as a TAP student?

No. Due to national regulations, only students fully enrolled at an institution are eligible to represent that team in NCAA sports.

Will I be able to participate in Club Sports?

It is possible. Each club sport sets their own hour requirements for participation. TAP students are limited to 5 hours a semester at the U of A, so a student should be able to participate if the club's hour requirements are below that.

Can I participate in Band at the U of A as a TAP student?

Yes, but you will have to go through the standard process and auditions.

Can I participate in a fraternity or sorority as a TAP student?

No, but you may register for recruitment when you complete the participation period and obtain full admission to the U of A. Learn more about the recruitment process at uagreeks.uark.edu.

How far apart are the campuses? Is transportation provided?

The NWACC Washington County Campus in Springdale is less than 10 miles from the U of A campus and students are welcome to drive their own cars. Students in TAP may have similar schedules, and we encourage carpooling as well.

The U of A offers free bus service as far as the Northwest Arkansas Mall. From the mall, students can switch to Ozark Regional Transit Route 490, that takes students to the NWACC campus in Springdale or Bentonville. NWACC has partnered with Ozark Regional Transit to provide transportation for current, registered students. There is a $14 fee to download the bus pass, which allows students to ride the bus for the entire semester. Visit the NWACC Transportation page for more information.

Are my housing options limited as a TAP student?

No. All options available to degree-seeking students are available to TAP students on a first-come, first-served basis. You are also able to participate in Living Learning Communities (LLCs) if accepted by housing. Find out more about housing communities at the U of A.

What tuition and fees do I have to pay?

You will have to pay all required tuition and fees (separately) at both schools. The payment of fees made to each institution must meet the respective institution's deadline. NWACC reserves the right to cancel registration for non-payment.

Is my Arkansas Challenge Scholarship applicable?

Yes. If you meet the criteria to receive the award, it can be used at NWACC during the TAP participation period and renewed when you transfer to the U of A.

Am I eligible for the NRTA as a TAP student?

No. The New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award (NRTA) requires degree seeking admission and a minimum high school GPA. Therefore, students in TAP will not be awarded the NRTA during the transitional period.

However, students may be eligible for the NRTA at the point of transfer with a combined college GPA that meets the requirements listed on the
NRTA page.

Where can I learn more?

Contact the University of Arkansas TAP coordinators, Chad Cox or Jon Swain.