Components of the College Board’s redesign will be emphasized: Curriculum frameworks, exam format, guided inquiry labs, and course audit. This will include some hands-on work with the 2013 - 2016 Practice Exams, and the 2014-2024 released exams.

Approximately half of the sixteen labs in the College Board’s AP CHEMISTRY Guided-Inquiry Experiments manual will be reviewed or conducted, dependent upon lab availability and content needs of the participants. Discussion will focus on the merits of using kits as well as adding guided inquiry components to existing labs.

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1

· Course and Exam Description

· Spectroscopy Lab: What’s the concentration of that solution?

· Stoichiometry

· Percent Copper in Brass Lab

Day 2

· AP Classroom

· Kinetics: Rate Law for Crystal Violet + Hydroxide Lab

· Electrochemistry: Redox Titration Lab

Day 3

· Equilibrium: Shifting Reactions Lab

· Assess and Reflect (Personal Progress Checks)

· Thermochemistry: Hess’ Law Lab

Day 4

· Strategies and Pedagogical Tools

· Acids, Bases, Buffers: Creating a buffered Solution Lab

· Calculating Ksp for Weak Bases Lab

· 2024 FRQ Exam Review

Instructor: David Wentz 

David Wentz taught public high school science and math in Arkansas for twenty-six years, including twenty-two years in AP Chemistry and eight years in AP Calculus AB. He holds a BSE in Secondary Education from the University of Arkansas. David was the National Math and Science Initiative’s Science Teacher of the Year for Arkansas in 2012. Along with consulting for the College Board, he has consulted for National Math and Science Initiative as a presenter to AP Chemistry teachers at summer workshops and mock readings, to Pre AP Chemistry teachers at Laying The Foundation workshops, to AP Chemistry students in NMSI’s Initiative for Military Families, and to AP Teachers for Arkansas AIMS. In addition to consulting, he has been an AP Chemistry Reader for ETS since the 2012 reading. David has been married for thirty-seven years and has one daughter and one granddaughter.