AP Statistics

In this exciting four-day workshop for AP Statistics, we will unpack the CED framework and the units of study, review course skills needed for mastery, discuss the development of an instructional plan that fits your school’s schedule and calendar, practice navigating AP Classroom to investigate the online resources available, and discuss strategies to support all learners in the AP Statistics classroom to be successful statisticians. A great deal of time will be spent experiencing various lessons and techniques that can be utilized in your own classroom. We will review AP Exam expectations and practice scoring free response questions to gain familiarity with scoring guidelines posted on AP Central as well as discuss how to utilize the Instructional Planning Report for reflection and improvement. Participants will also receive guidance on the course audit process. Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet and a graphing calculator to optimize our time together.

Instructor: Bridget Matamoros

Bridget Matamoros was passed the AP Statistics torch 13 years ago. This move blossomed a deep love of data science that would be the impetus for obtaining a master’s degree in applied statistics from Penn State in order to be a more effective instructor. Bridget has been an AP® Statistics Reader since 2016 and helps to coordinate Best Practices Night, an event that spotlights novel pedagogical strategies from fellow readers. In 2020, she was delighted to record a series of AP Daily Videos over her favorite AP Statistics topics for the College Board that are posted in AP Classroom. Bridget founded and coaches both the Math Team and award-winning Robotics Team while also serving as the Math Department Chair at Guyer High School in Denton, TX. She is the Texas recipient of the 2019 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and enjoys hosting workshops for teachers in her school district and across the country. Bridget is a hat enthusiast who loves spending time outdoors with her family, roasting her own coffee, and attending to her collection of over two dozen tarantulas.