Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the TAP Admitted Students page for information on all your next steps including account activation, student agreement, and New Student Orientation.

For the transition year, NWACC academic scholarships may be available for students taking 12 or more hours on that campus. Once TAP requirements are complete, student transitioning out of the program may apply for U of A transfer scholarships.

For the first two semesters, while you take the majority of your classes at NWACC, financial aid will be processed by NWACC. Hours taken at the U of A during this time will still count towards aid considerations and eligibility. Be sure to list NWACC's School code (030633) on your FAFSA.

After the first two semesters, you will take the majority of your classes at the U of A, which is where financial aid will be processed. Any hours taken at NWACC during this time, until you obtain 48 total credit hours, will still count towards aid considerations and eligiblity.

No. Credit earned from AP exams, dual credit courses, CLEP, etc. does not count towards the hours needed to complete the TAP requirements. However, they can count toward your degree.

One or two courses could be online. The U of A catalog states "a freshman (first 30 hours) may take no more than two courses (8 hours) online." This policy applies to students in TAP as well. Online coursework should be considered as a last option and in consultation with your academic advisor.

Yes. We will reconsider your admission status if additional information, such as a higher test score or improved GPA is available by July 15th. Please notify the TAP Coordinator if new information is available and you wish to be reconsidered.

No. Due to national regulations, only students fully enrolled at an institution are eligible to represent that team in NCAA sports.

You may be able to participate in sport clubs. All sport clubs are associated with national governing bodies and may require full-time status at one school. Please contact the sport clubs office or the club directly for specific information. Any student can participate in intramurals.

No, but you may rush when you complete the transition period and earn full admission to the U of A.

NWACC's Springdale campus is less than 10 miles from the U of A's and students are welcome to drive their own cars if they wish. Several students will have similar schedules and may choose to carpool as well.

The U of A offers free bus service as far as the Northwest Arkansas Mall (see the route schedule). From the mall, students can switch to Ozark Regional Transit Route 490 (current schedule ), which takes students to NWACC's campus in Springdale or Bentonville. NWACC has partnered with Ozark Regional Transit to provide transportation for current, registered students. There is a $14 fee to download the bus pass, which allows students to ride the bus for free the entire semester. NWACC's Transportation page has more information.

No. All options available to general students are available on a first-come, first-served basis and allowed to participate in Living, Learning Communities (LLCs) if accepted by housing. Find out more about housing communities at the U of A.

All students living on the U of A campus are required to purchase a dining plan, but any student may purchase a plan regardless of where they reside. The dining plan will be linked to your student ID card and can be used in all University Dining locations. There is a not a food court on the NWACC campus in Springdale.

You may want to wait until you know where you will live, and what your class schedule will be, before you decide on meal arrangements.

You will have to pay all required tuition and fees (separately) at both schools. The payment of fees made to each institution must meet the respective institution's deadline. NWACC reserves the right to cancel registration for non-payment.

Yes. If you meet the criteria to receive the award, it can be used at NWACC in your first year and renewed when you transfer to the U of A.

The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP), formerly known as the "Texas Tomorrow Fund," may be used simultaneously at both schools. Students must follow the established procedures for U of A and NWACC each semester. Contact the respective financial aid offices of each school for details.

The New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award (NRTA) requires academic standards above that of unconditional admission. Therefore, students in TAP will not be awarded the NRTA during the transitional period. However, students may be eligible for the NRTA at the point of transfer with a combined college GPA that meets the requirements listed on the NRTA page.

Contact the TAP coordinator, Chad Cox, at 479-575-4150 or You can also view a previously recorded webinar about the program.